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MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS C205 C63 AMG PSM Dynamic CARBON Rear Diffuser & extensions

MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS C205 C63 AMG PSM Dynamic CARBON Rear Diffuser & extensions

Also includes rear extensions, MCC21RECF

Produkt #: MCC21RDCF,MCC21RECF


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  • Enhance styling and performance
  • Vacuum Infusion Technology for stiffness and lightweight
  • High gloss UV protected clear coat for protection from sun damage
  • Products come with all required installation hardware
  • Guaranteed fitment
  • Made in California, USA

Push the limits of the possible!

Dare to show your individualism through our PSM Dynamic Aerodynamic Automotive Components! These creations are built to perform, offering greater stability at high speeds, adding down force and smoothing airflow. All Products are hand built using only the finest materials.

All enhancements are Sculptured and developed in-house by legendary exotic body kit artist Perry Yem,  each set of enhancements respect maker heritage and boost performance, cutting sharp lines with gentle volume to evoke capability and manifest the spirit of speed.  WE ARE DYNAMIC STREET ARMOUR! 

All our products are designed to come together perfectly with the original lines the manufacturer created. seamlessly blending Style and performance into one amazing package.

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